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Fendt Vario 718 v 4.0


– Real Exhaust Particle System
– Power Shaft Attacher
– Physical Camera
– Speed Display Control
– Real lights
– Ploughing Spec
– RPM Display Control
– Interactive Control
– Move Attacher (mouse)
– Wheel Particle Spec
– Cab suspension
– Door and rear window on IC
– Frontloader Aloe Console
– Extra Weights
– Buyable Care Wheels Attacher

Authors: Sotillo, JDFan


One Response to Fendt Vario 718 v 4.0

  1. Geizhalz

    Credits are wrong, the Fendt is of TIF and Modhoster.
    It is far too easy, he slips even at very slow speed.
    Otherwise great Converts

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