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Fendt Vario 1050 Grip v 4.5


Version 4.5:
* New Tank Fuel (real tank 1050)
* New stair case with 5 stair case
* New FH front (real FH 1050)
* New escape
* Rework more details

Author: Steph33


3 Responses to Fendt Vario 1050 Grip v 4.5

  1. genik33

    test-drive FENDT 1050 VARIO GRIP V4.5 FarmingSimulator2015

  2. Jörgen Mortensen

    Wery nice Traktor,but the twinwhells dont stay at the traktor when saving

  3. Mike Boston

    Best tractor mod I’ve seen yet. Twin wheels not remaining on save game is a niggle as is IC control changes not saving either. That’s the hard work done Steph33, when do you do the 1038, 1042 and 1046 so that I can ditch my 900 series fleet!!?

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