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Farmville Map v 2.0

  • 2015-05-08 09:38
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Farmville Map v 2.0

Version 2.0:

– Multiplayer
– Icons
– Field edges adjusted (fixed “you don’t own this field” bugs)
– Field size (displayes correctly in the purchase menu)
– Field prices (adjusted)
– BGA mixer fault (only one was working)
– Shop layer (no flickering)
– Runs as zip (just place it in mods folder)
– Default vehicles (more and all supported by default game)
– Waterplane mod
– Fault in terrain level at railway
– Rotated some trees to make it look better

– Strawsale trigger (at the farm barn. Adjusted payout)
– Grass sale (Near the lake, coded it so it pays good)
– Carwash (at the dealership, need water fill to run)
– Smoke particles to lumbermill and biogas plant
– Compost facility (at the garden center)
– BeetMaster100k facility (at the farm and also BGA (it needs beets and potatos))
– Flags (at farm and on top of the mill)
– Details to lumbermill (logs, stacks, smoke)
– Sounds to lumbermill, lake and BGA
– Waterpump station
– Egg sell point



2 Responses to Farmville Map v 2.0

  1. DJTUCKER49053

    this map won’t load, every time i try to start a game with it, i only get to the loading screen. stays on that for several mins before i get irritated and have to close the game entirely and restart it.

  2. Charlie59

    Cool cette map , vraiment pas mal!

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