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Farming Island

  • 2015-04-12 07:39
  • Maps

Farming-Island-1 Farming-Island-2 Farming-Island-3

– Story goes that the island start of as a little deserted island somewhere in your imagination and grew up to reality
– Many thing to explore on the island includes 100 pieces of eight as well as moving trains helicopters speedboats traffic people
– The farm sits in the middle of the map with the livestock of cows sheep chickens pigs cattle lamb chickens2 surrounded by water and thousands of trees
– Includes bridges roads building of grain mill grain mill station sawmill port inn freightyard abattoir lumberyard double bga and small bga big farm house
– Storage for everything
– Multifruit

Author: pinguar


2 Responses to Farming Island

  1. timo

    map doesn’t load and thats to bad because i really want to play it

    • pinguar

      only play this map with no other maps in your mods folder because this map has the total of 64 fillable types which is the max, this is why it does not work properly also need other mods like the animation door mod and chopped straw mod

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