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Farm Pinheiral 2015

  • 2015-01-14 14:51
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Farm-Pinheiral-2015-1 Farm-Pinheiral-2015-2 Farm-Pinheiral-2015-3

Larger Map with small areas, medium and large. In total there are 15 fields purchasable two of which are farmer.
It has the unique cultures game five new: black beans, soybeans, sorghum, oats and corn for silage.
Chopped straw entertainment for all map cultures.
Limestone animation, manure and liquid manure.
Watermod (mod water) adds productivity to animals. Need to put water in them lame.
There are 4 points of sale: 2 cooperatives that accept all grain produced. The brewery accepts some wheat, barley, oats and corn.
To sell the wool produced and eggs there is a specific sale that also buys potatoes and beets.
The limestone has a central and a deposit at the headquarters, the headquarters is empty, must seek the limestone and download at headquarters.
Cooperatives and tractor sales have time to run: the 07-12 and 13 18 pm.
For the wood sector has the sawmill buying the logs and stores chip.
Only biogas purchase chips.
There are three stands of planted forest, and two large areas of native forests, which can be cleared and become crop.

Author: Farmer Bozza


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