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Fantasy LS 2015 Map

  • 2016-03-17 12:48
  • Maps


– Farm
– Cows whey, whey shelves Small Farm, Stray chickens on the farm.
– Mix feeder
– Chopped straw
– 3 storage points
– Machine shop
– Repair mod. you can across the machine shop repair your vehicles and machinery on the farm
– Buy Bare object
– 2 Sales and sheep sales
– Village
– Pigs
– 3 sales buying triggers for slurry to the field
– Beautiful landscape
– Multifruit: oat, rye, sunflower, Klee, luzerne

* New grass texture
* New water plane
* New pine trees
* New BGA Silo
* Crop Texture

Author: tommy r


2 Responses to Fantasy LS 2015 Map

  1. bobby

    what service vehicle is compatible with this damage mod, the john deere service truck dont work with the repair of vehicles

  2. Robert

    Doors won’t open. How do I fix this?

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