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Enns am Gebirge Map v 2.0

  • 2015-06-05 19:47
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Enns am Gebirge Map

– Dairy farm with cattle fattening & grain storage + several halls and two silage silos
– Pig farm with beet and potato warehouse, two silage silos, warehouses, etc
– Sheep & chickens on a third held very small yard
– BGA with adjacent Lohnunternehmen with composting
– Sawmill, wood chip heating plant & warehouse
– Dealer
– Two Country Trade & Horticulture
– Butcher for sale of pigs and cattle
– Two villages
– Rivers
– Three forest areas
– A lot of details
– Standart Frücht + sunflower, oats and alfalfa
– Water Mod
– Slurry, manure, lime and compost Mod
– Chopped Straw
– Multi Terrain (when plowing, cultivating and sowing more angle on the floor visible)
– Bushes
– Mountainous and Flat terrain
– Small large fields

Authors: Giants, Marhu, Andy, Freak, CebuljCek, Steffen30muc, VertexDezing, GoldFox, Nick98.1, 820Power, Fatian, Modelleicher, BernieSCS, MrFox, Fendtfan1, MailMan, TheAgraama


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