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Case IHC 844SA & 955 FH v 1.0

  • 2018-09-07 09:58
  • Case

Two Case IHC Tractors:
– Case IHC 844SA
– Case IHC 955 FH

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Old Hagenstedt Map v 1.0

  • 2018-09-07 09:25
  • Maps

Welcome to OLD Hagenstedt.
The Forst farm can be found near the farm trade.
At the Forsthof the joinery and sawmill were placed. They are loaded when starting the map.
Field 12 was rebuilt as cow pasture, the field you must first buy to mow it.
In the yard there is a small farmers market for selling the eggs.
There is also a fire station so it is right at the entrance to the town so it’s a good place to get to work quickly.
The gates of the fire station can be opened with the O key.
At the guard there is a hydrant to refuel the fire trucks.
The unloading point at the yard silos has been replaced by a new one. At the BGA there is a sugar factory and in the village you will find an Aral petrol station, a bakery and an Edeka market for selling potatoes. A second farm was built on the cow pasture with silos for feed.

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Windmill v 1.0

Hello here have a windmill with sound for you this you can install as a decoration in the map.
It must be inserted with the Giants editor.

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Fazenda Belas Aguas Map v 1.0

  • 2018-08-11 10:02
  • Maps

Welcome to the Beautiful Waters! This is a map focused on dealing with cattle. In it you can raise cows, chickens, make silage, put water to the chickens, plant, harvest, hay, confine cows, among many other things available on the farm.
With a renewed vegetation and textures, this map makes a great reference to our beloved Farming 13! It is a small map.
Now that you know enough about the map, let’s get to work!

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Tatra ITR 8×8 v 1.0

Tatra ITR 8×8 is the version of the FS17 converted to the FS15 version.

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Real Day v 1.0

The script thanks to which the lighting changes according to the time of day. After downloading the fashion, unpack it and follow the instructions.

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Bizon Z056 Red Pack v 1.0

– Record low weight!
– Real rooster with FS 13
– Manual firing
– Hand brake
– New real smoke
– 0 errors in the log
– 0 errors in texturach
– High detail
– Opened cab elements
– Windmill animations
– Wiper animations
– Real scale
– Real speed
– Real power
– Real sounds
– Animations of almost everything
– Addition and subtraction of gas on the key
– The tube opens after leaving the cabin
– All flaps opened on the key when approaching
– Removing and attaching covers to the forage harvester on the key when approaching
– Unfolding and folding the forage harvester on the key when approaching
– Inserting a key into the harvester (the throat is better visible)
– Threshing unit on the key
– Twisting and turning the concave on the key
– Turning the header on
– Manual lifting and lowering of the header
– Hoists raised and lowered on the key
– Slide-out and slide-out maneuvers
– Motorized speed adjustable on the key
– Change of canel dividers to the rape table and vice versa on the key on approach
– All pulleys, straw walkers, etc. are movable
– Sound of pouring grain from the tank
– The sound of throwing the gear
– Mirrors
– Flue gas
– Leaves traces
– Dust from under the wheels
– Header animations
– A new animation of the exhaust pipe smoke
– Pipe collision
– A new animation of smoke from the forage harvester
– Heder with improved collision (It does not dig into the soil after unhooking
– Multifruit
– Changing the speed of loading

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