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Autosan D 47 New v 1.1

Version 1.1:
* Fixed dirty wheels
* Fixed scales of the frame and trailer pitches
* Fixed capacity and scale of cultivation
* Added gloss from FS17
* Added full dirty of the trailer
* Added new color version (dark green) Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Zaslaw D 737 AZ v 1.0

The Trailer has:
– Standard Trailer Functions
– Full of dirt
– Gloss from FS17
– Capacity 17200 liters (it is about 14 tons) Read & DOWNLOAD >>

T-150K K-09 v 1.0

The T-150 K-09 tractor with YaMZ engine is 238. T-150K universal high-speed tractor, designed for agricultural, transportation, road construction and other works. In agriculture, it can be used on plowing, continuous cultivation, peeling, disco, sowing and harvesting. The tractor can also be used in transport operations with semi-trailers and trailers with a carrying capacity of 10-20 tons on main roads and off-road conditions.
Engine model – YaMZ-238
Specific fuel consumption g / l · s · h – 185
Fuel tank capacity l – 315 Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Chevrolet C80 Pack v 1.0

Unfinished mod I thought some might enjoy. It’s been a couple years and I forget a lot of the features so give it a try…or don’t.
Colour selectable.
Features four different trucks. Two grain trucks and two log trucks.
Changeable bumpers, runnign boards, etc. Check the manual on the front seat for some help.
Each truck is slightly different, one is an ‘original’ ’66. one is a resored version one is barely running, rusty wreck.
Based on the C10 by Modall.
Sorry for the lack of proper pics, I don’t have the game installed anymore so if anyone wants to add some screenshots, that would be nice. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Vladimirec T25 v 1.1

What’s in T25: Fuul Script! Or!:
On the approach! – Door open / closed – Doors removable / fitted – Removable / removable rooster – Foldable / detachable mounting console – Pump – Flap Masks open / closed – Flap Removable / removable mask – Rear bar removable / fitted – Weight at the back, removable / fitted – Mirrors – Halogens
Movable !: – Gears (from 1 to 5 + R) !! – Pedals (they move at every gear)! – Notice – Wajcha from the podnośosnik – Fan – Windmill in the middle – Alternator – Belt – PTO – Wycieraczke
It also has: – 0 blues in texturach! – 0 errors in the log! – Dynamic camera – Halogens Front and Rear! – Manual brake – Manual firing! – Dirt (Dirty) – Mod Reki – Passenger – Real fumes – Light from FS 15 and from FS 13! – Real rooster from FS 13! – Opened doors, side window and roof from the inside! – LEDs! Illuminated clocks etc.! – Slady kol – Support – Physics Tire – Movable pendant
What Tur has: – Dirt (dirty) – 0 errors in the log – 0 errors in txt – full animation of the engines – Tur has set the attacher in the right place, not somewhere outside the turn! – Lifting sounds – Collisions – After detaching, it does not fall into the ground Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Volkswagen T4 Service v 1.0

  • 2018-09-09 13:46
  • Cars

Volkswagen T4 Service Car for Farming Simulator 2015 Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Lina Holownicza 3D v 1.0

What does Linka have:
– 3D animations (Lina is swinging, you can bend it, just like real one)
– You can ride it
– Has the catch 2 of the vehicle on the “5” key
– You can attach the front and back of the cable to the 1 hook
– The rope cracks at higher load, and is no longer suitable for the next towing, even though it is in full (on the presentation everything is clearly shown and explained)
– It has collisions
– Not once fall under the ground (it does not bother you in the game)
– Has 0 errors in the log
– Has 0 blinks in texturach
– It can be transported from the rear of the tractor
– That the rope will not break off, the towed tractor (on the presentation it is 60) must be fired and released from the Handbrake
– The rope is old, rusty, therefore it breaks at a high load
– The red color indicates the place of hitching for the tractor that is pulling
– Lina fits perfectly with the MP game!
– The rope is not polished! It may be released in version v1.1 which will be released only on the channel “President Ziaroo”
– That it would be possible to connect a line to a towed vehicle (at the presentation it is a 60 l pulling vehicle (at the presentation it is 40) it must be fired and released from manual!
– You can see the full description of the rope while watching the presentations! Read & DOWNLOAD >>