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Volkswagen T4 Service v 1.0

  • 2018-09-09 13:46
  • Cars

Volkswagen T4 Service Car for Farming Simulator 2015

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Lina Holownicza 3D v 1.0

What does Linka have:
– 3D animations (Lina is swinging, you can bend it, just like real one)
– You can ride it
– Has the catch 2 of the vehicle on the “5” key
– You can attach the front and back of the cable to the 1 hook
– The rope cracks at higher load, and is no longer suitable for the next towing, even though it is in full (on the presentation everything is clearly shown and explained)
– It has collisions
– Not once fall under the ground (it does not bother you in the game)
– Has 0 errors in the log
– Has 0 blinks in texturach
– It can be transported from the rear of the tractor
– That the rope will not break off, the towed tractor (on the presentation it is 60) must be fired and released from the Handbrake
– The rope is old, rusty, therefore it breaks at a high load
– The red color indicates the place of hitching for the tractor that is pulling
– Lina fits perfectly with the MP game!
– The rope is not polished! It may be released in version v1.1 which will be released only on the channel “President Ziaroo”
– That it would be possible to connect a line to a towed vehicle (at the presentation it is a 60 l pulling vehicle (at the presentation it is 40) it must be fired and released from manual!
– You can see the full description of the rope while watching the presentations!

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Ursus C360 4×4 Koja v 1.0

What URSUS has:
On the approach:
– Opened doors
– Removable door
– Pump
– Opened mask
– Front pin
– Removable mask
– Warmth at the back
– Head pin back
– Lower back pin
– Belka
– Rooster

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Autosan D46 v 1.0

What does the Trailer have?

On the approach:
– Left bank
– Burta tyl
– Burta law
– A pin
– Triangle from the back
– Extensions
– Tilt

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Ursus C 4011 v 1.0

Ursus C 4011 Tractor for Farming Simulator 2015.

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Fendt Vario 828 v 1.0

Farm tractor Fendt 828 Vario for Farming Simulator 15.
Engine power, hp: 280.
The volume of the fuel tank, l: 400.

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XTZ 17221 v 1.1

The final version of the mod, you can put the double wheels.
Power 280 Price 45000 Maintenance 127 Fuel tank 430 liters.
Lighting technology: front lights, dimensions, turn signals.
Instrument panel with working speedometer and tachometer.
Animated pedals, you can open the door.
Some other parts of the tractor are also animated – this makes the KhTZ-17221 look more realistic.
From the wheels of dust flies, on the road there are traces of the wheels.
At a fashion absolutely pure log, it is spoiled and is washed.

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