Logging trailer – it’s special trailer for trees. In these trailers can loading big logs.

Scania R730 + Trailer


Scania R730 Truck with Timber Trailer with Mounted Manipulator

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Kroeger Timber Trailer v 2.0


Kroeger Trailer for transportation timber

Authors: GIANTS, John Barleycorn

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Stepa Wood Trailer v 1.0


Stepa Wood Trailer for transportation timber. Crane was removed.
It has always bothered the crane on the side to move when you are working with a front loader.

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Riedler Timber Trailer


– Ligting v 3.1
– Wheel Particle System
– Driving Particle System
– Load securing
– Lock Steering axle
– Chocks

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Fliegl Timber Trailer

Fliegl-Timber-Trailer-1 Fliegl-Timber-Trailer-2

Trailer for transporting Timber

Authors: Giant software, Ventyres, Ombelis

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