Logging trailer – it’s special trailer for trees. In these trailers can loading big logs.

Koegel Timber Trailer v 1.0


Length: 13.62 m
Width: 2.55 m
Height: 3.95 m

Author: Repi Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Crasher v 1.1

Crasher-v-1.1-1 Crasher-v-1.1-2

New technologies of wood. Now you can process the wood chips in on industrial scale
Now this monster is eating even small branches (not chewing and swallowing and choking) Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Fliegl Timber Tandem v 1.1


Fliegl Timber Tandem Trailer

Authors: Giants, Gnescher Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Huttner Grume v 1.0


Remorque de transport de grumes.
Il est d’utiliser le forstmod indispensable pour le faire fonctionner. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Scania R730 and Timber Trailers Mega Pack

Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-1 Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-2 Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-3 Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-4

This is a large set of Trucks designed for transporting logs
In pack included 6 Scania R730 Trucks and 5 Timber Trailers
On some trucks mounted manipulator
Body turns over
You can thus move the rack to the side for easy loading Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Scania R730 + Trailer


Scania R730 Truck with Timber Trailer with Mounted Manipulator Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Kroeger Timber Trailer v 2.0


Kroeger Trailer for transportation timber

Authors: GIANTS, John Barleycorn Read & DOWNLOAD >>