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Drayton Farm v 1.0

  • 2014-11-02 20:04
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Drayton-Farm-v-1.0-3 Drayton-Farm-v-1.0-2 Drayton-Farm-v-1.0-1

Drayton Farm is a large British arable farm

– Arable farming
– Forestry
– 1 Yard
– 8 large arable fields
– Sell point.
– Farm dealership
– Stables
– Lots of start vehicles
– Auto opening gates
– Village
– Wheat, barley and OSR to be stored in the grain sheds at the back of the yard
– Sugarbeet is stored at the far side of the yard, Potatoes are stored in the brick building in the yard
– Wood chippings can be stored in the large grey barn at the front of the yard
– All crops can be loaded into a trailer with a bucket from the store points
– Grain can also be loaded from the silo at the side of the sheds and root crops have there own loading conveyors
– Fertiliser, Spray, Seed and fuel triggers are in the centre of the yard
– Sell equipment inside the shed at the farm dealership
– Sell bales at woodlands view stables, Drop them around the stack of bales in the horse yard
– Sell all grain and wood chippings at the sell point in the farm dealership
– Sell logs at the sell point in front of the shed in the farm dealership
– At the farm dealership there are 2 shop icons, one is for the main farm shop and the other is used to purchase pallets of trees for planting
– Vehicles reset the farm yard

Author: Chris_7710


4 Responses to Drayton Farm v 1.0

  1. coty

    There is no file once you wait for the download it says there is no file

  2. Xars

    The download does not work!
    It appears No File
    Please check

  3. Scheunenfund

    very very british, fantastic map – wonderful texture

    TYVMuch Chris_7710 for sharing and this perfect map

  4. jeremy

    I downloaded the map but I cant get it into the game what do I do to get it on the game

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