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Dodge Ram Service Car

  • 2014-11-02 16:35
  • Cars

Dodge-Ram-Service-Car-1 Dodge-Ram-Service-Car-2

– Renamed to Dodge Ram because it isn’t a Ford (also removed the Ford logos on the truck).
– Added services to the truck including fertilizer and seed fillers

Authors: GIANTS, Andy1978, ArpyClarkson


6 Responses to Dodge Ram Service Car

  1. Jeff

    thanks hahaha always bugged me with that Fix or repair Daily on it, looks sweet and the services work great

  2. ArpyClarkson

    It should be listed under \cars\ in the \mods\ category of the shop.

  3. Amineh

    Hi, it doesn’t seem to work for me. I bought it under the mods section, I can drive it and all, but It’s not different than regular car in usage. I mean, it looks different but that’s it. I can’t use the fertilizer or seeds. Help please?

  4. TheScreamingMelon

    Here’s a short video showing all the trucks features and a short review:

  5. edvinas

    labai geras moda daugiau tukiu + tiklapis irgi nuostabus

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