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Deutz Fahr 9340 v 1.2


Version 1.2:
– Gets dirty
– Washable
– Direction
– Roosters
– Lighting
– Panel IC
– Opening doors, windows
– Sliding Sunroof
– The possibility of closing the door from the outside
– GreenStar function
– Texture Normal
– Script passenger
– Recording of vehicle

Version 1.2:
* Amendments model of the mask
* Amendments model chassis
* New right on the front
* The new driving physics
* The speed increased to 60 km/h
* New Scale
* The script to disable the screen with the engine off
* Adding curtains on the roof damper
* Addition of opening mask
* Improved color textures
* Changing the wheels
* Improved tabs and lift
* Improving the steering wheel

Authors: Giants, SIID, Marlin 3D, STv-Modding, Turbo, Pawulon


2 Responses to Deutz Fahr 9340 v 1.2

  1. C4

    I’m extremely picky when it comes to tractors; If it’s to unrealistic, has bad sound or even if texture doesn’t “feel” right, i dump it. Even tractors with too many messy “features” goes out of my mod-folder … that said, this tractor looks like it could be a new favorite. It “only” has 340 Hp, which is a bit on the low side for the size of it, but the sound is great, the look is awesome and it feels really good so far. I even like that it only comes in original Deutz green! Great job!

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