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CSZ Pack v 8.0


This CSZ Pack consists of the following mods:
* Adapter currently only for mod CSZ
* Fixed Bale Fork
* Bale Fork with Hydraulic Reclining Tips
* Bale Fork with Extra Elevation
* Bale Fork Grabber
* Wrapped Bale Handler
* Pallet Fork
* Pallet Fork Extra
* Pallet Fork with Grabber
* Log with Grabber
* Log with Grabber Extra
* Manure Fork
* Multi-purpose Fork
* Bucked Grid
* Bucket for Beets
* Bucket with Central Unloading
* Bucket with Grabber
* Silage Bucket
* Lifting Hook Silage Bucket
* Dozer Blade

Version 8.0:

New Mods added:
– Silage Bucket
– Lifting Hook Silage Bucket
– Dozer Blade

* This Mods support this fill Types: barley windrow, chaff, grass, grass windrow, dry grass windrow, forage, forage mixing, wheat windrow, silage chaff
* Lifting Hook support many mod CSZ set, it is also possible (even for those with little knowledge) use the hook with any other mod, just add a inputAttacherJoint called liftingHook with his index reference

Authors: DD ModPassion and zBlacklion


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