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Cowshed Red Brick v 1.0


– Realistically made of glass
– Rich animation
– Attic for storage bales and cubes
– The driveway to the charger for compact eg: JCB DLC
– Ladders, after which you can go up or go down to the slurry tank
– Unique icons for Animation Map Trigger
– Model barn has a built-in tank for liquid manure and manure on board
– In the attic hatch is pushed to the ankles and bales
– Windows on the roof along with props
– Doors with deadbolt
– Doors with handle
– Folding doors
– The hatch into the tank for liquid manure
– Gateway to the plate for manure
– The windows in the barn
– The windows in the smaller building
– The flap projective attic

Author: Vnsfdg2 Studio


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