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Colas Edition Mods Pack

Colas Edition Mods Pack

The Pack consist of Colas Edition:
– MAN TGX 8×4 Palfinger Truck
– Liebherr 900C Excavator with 2 Buckets
– Gehl 4835SXT Mini Loader

Author: zorlac


One Response to Colas Edition Mods Pack

  1. audrius

    this mod is not finisht i found few misstakes in man no side mirrors just a fragment off them when you turn on lights no lights on body then that telescopic thing wherry crayzy and raff control no hazard or indicators blinking and midle axel dont go down. excavator have few small mistakes first foldible suport goes thru the surface when you have full bucket and turning body its starting slide in the side the beacon not working if those mistakes gona be fixt then this mod will be whery handy on anyones farm

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