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Close Farm 2015

  • 2015-04-16 07:45
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There is only 1 Farm with everything there to hold all original fruits, there is also storage areas for straw, forage, grass, the forage storage is the one next to the grass, just haven’t put a sign there. The bale sale is also next to the straw storage just behind the cow silo, there is a maze built in for the collection of the gold coins good luck, and also 2 big fields which are free to cut grass, but you can purchase these to make them into another 2 fields if required. The shop is next to the main village and also the brewery, the wood sale is at the transport area next to the main farm and also carpenters in the village, there is only 1 fuel station and this is also in the main village so keep a eye on the fuel gauge or get a fuel trailer. The Biogas is at the end of the village and over the bridge and this also has the woodchips sales. The potatos and sugarbeets storage is next to the fuel station and this also has woodchips storage, which is also very close to the forest, also in the forest you will find Mast addon, which is cattle Fattening and the sales for the cattle is at the butchers at the end of the village next to bio, The last thing to mention is Tesco sales, which is at the rear of Tesco’s this is for fruits and egg sales, Water mod has been added to chickens, cows, sheep.

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