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Claas Lexion 670 Pack v 1.2


The Pack consist of:
– Claas Lexion 670 Harvester
– Claas Lexion 670TT Harvester
– Claas Vario 750, 900, 1050, 1200 Headers
– Claas Conspeed 12 75FC Header
– Trailer for Headers

– Gets dirty
– Washable
– Full animation (joystick all cylinders, ladder, chaff)
– Animation seat and the panel, move on holes
– Manual unloading of grain
– Full lighting
– Capacity grain tank 11500 liters
– Capacity fuel tank 945 liters
– Speedometer (analog and digital)
– Fuel gauge
– Grain tank full indicator
– Hour meter
– GreenStar function (navigation mowing)
– Rear axle moves
– The sound information and roosters are switched on at 80%
– Headers adapt to the terrain (no longer hang)
– Copy of land by the version on terra track
– On and off screen with the engine off and switched on
– Wiper walk in the rain

Version 1.2:
* Movable rear axle
* Cameras
* Clogging the combine
* Straw to combine
* Improved rocking cabin
* Amendments visual

Authors: SFM-modding, vnsfdg2, SIID, Lookee86, Młody


One Response to Claas Lexion 670 Pack v 1.2

  1. Adam Watkins

    Could you please make a Big John Deere combine that gets dirty because i love your mods and would love to finish my John Deere Farm

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