In this category we sharing all mods, which not suitable for other categories.

Saved Game Mod


Open the rar file it tells you how to install it. Mod has like more that 99 trillion dollars and modded amounts of stuff in the silos. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Manual Ignition Mod v 4.0


Version 4.0:
* Added manual ignition to all motor vehicles
* Pre heating of the enginge before it could be started
* HUD dissapears after about 5 seconds later
* Automatic installation to all motorized vehicles
* Could conflict with other manual ignition scripts Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Warning Light Extension v 1.0


The hazard Warning Lights Extension is another global script that the principle of brake lights and daytime running extension follows expansion.
As soon as the wheels rotate in reverse, all known to the model flasher to be visible. The whole thing only works when the engine is running. Only the helper contrives so evenly about to reverse, that the hazard warning lights do not come on.
Since it may happen when braking the wheels briefly turn backward, the turn signals are partially shorted to see also there. But that is so far not even really bad, because they are indeed from dangers such as a decelerating vehicle warn. The same also applies if the vehicle rolls downhill backwards because for example. The slope is too steep.
The principle is: If the reversing light is on, and the hazard warning lights can be seen. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Save Game Editor v 1.0


– Rewrite all base code
– Automatic detection animals
– Supports for standard and mod map
– Supports old Farming simulator 2013 savegame. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Field Work Assignments v 1.0


Receive field work assignments and make money as a contractor. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Kuhn SPV 12


Kuhn SPV 12 with IC Control and Extra Cams

Authors: Giants, Senne2020 MODDING, JoXXer, Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding), Xentro, Patar Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Sweet FX Improved Graphics v 1.0


Sweet FX Improved Graphics for Farming Simulator 2015 Read & DOWNLOAD >>