In this category we sharing all mods, which not suitable for other categories.

Half Pipe v 1.3

Half Pipe just for fun. Not perfect just a sketchup model put into the game FS 15. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Save Game Editor v 1.0

Save Game Editor

Mod version: v 1.0.
This program allow you to edit your savegame. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Super Baler v 1.0


This is a baler that makes fast square bales.

Author: Sotiris9872 Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Livestock Manager v 1.02


Version 1.02:
* Fixed minor bugs
* Optimised script for better performance
* Added Option “enableBreeding” which disables the breedingSystem
* Added Option “childLimit” which controld max births per breeding cycle Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Stubble Pack v 1.0


NOTICE: You must have chopped straw in your map to use this scripts.
You will see there are three zip files, put them all into your mods folder.
Works on planters, cultivators and plows.
Check your F1 help box for control. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Auto Tractor v 2.6


Version 2.6:
* Polish, Czech and Russian Translation
* fine tuning core engine
* Compatibility dedi server Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Gearbox Addon v 1.5


Version 1.5:
* Fix warnings on dedi server
* MB3D John Deere 7530
* Bug fix empty fuel tank Read & DOWNLOAD >>