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CAT Skidsteers Pack v 1.0

This is a simple reskin of FTModding’s Bobcat S160’s mods. I have made a Cat 226B2 and 247B2 skidsteer mod out of them.

FTModding (3D Modelling), Thorndog59 (skin developing)


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    Hi guys, this seem like a nice mod in two important was. 1. It solves the serverproblem and since I tried one I want it again! 2. The options. Few moders give you the chance toneasy customize the mod, thumbs up to you! So, since you seem like the few who are both creative and believe in others opinion, here”s a thought: If you either made a standalone mod of thi usable with other sight mods it would be a bless. IF, however, you think big, you could make the option of having this added: -Penetration calculator turning circling green/red. -Yours and enemy health, reload time, ammo in Mag/left. If you added this, perhaps a few more otions on looks and such you would have the greatest mod in Wot history and no other would be needed. I”m no modder, just like to play and win aswell as being able to choose, but think about it, making the mod of ages doesn”t sound too shabby does it..? Thanks for all your hard work and good luck in the future, putting my hopens into you for a brighter future 3 Kind regards /Michelle

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