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CAT Lexion 1090 HDR Dyeable Pack v 1.4

CAT-Lexion-1090-HDR-Dyeable-Pack-2 CAT-Lexion-1090-HDR-Dyeable-Pack-1

The Pack consist of:
– CAT Lexion Crawler
– CAT Lexion Crawler Standard Capacity
– CAT Lexion Dual Wheels
– CAT Lexion Dual Wheels Standard Capacity
– CAT Lexion Single Wheels
– CAT Lexion Single Wheels Standard Capacity
– CAT Lexion Header 18 km/h
– CAT Lexion Header 9 km/h

– Light
– Mirrors
– Choice of color
– Dust from the wheels
– Traces of wheels
– Multiplayer
– Dirt / washable

Authors: Giants, Stevie


One Response to CAT Lexion 1090 HDR Dyeable Pack v 1.4

  1. Fabio

    Hello Giants and Steve, sorry for English, I am Brazilian and I am using a tradudor, do not understand what’s going on here, when I buy a mower, the game works perfectly, but when I buy more than two, when I close the game, of the error, \giants 6 ….\ stopped working, the program will be closed, that already has been going on in time, and with the other Cat (brown) who already wore steve too, just use mods you, remembering that my game is unique, and all DLCs, sinceramento am to give up the game, User steam frsica and my son vsica from already appreciate the help!

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