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Cantal Map v 1.3.1

  • 2016-08-12 19:45
  • Maps


– Terrain and dirt control
– Soil Mod
– Milk Fabrik Pallet (to the dairy)
– Chopped Straw
– Water Mod
– Pig, beef, goose, chicken, lamb
– Cattle Market V2.0
– GMM Mod
– Village
– 44 Fields
– 2 Farms
– 3 Forests
– Wood workings
– Oat and alfalfa cultures
– Two point of sale of grain

Version 1.3.1:
* Before please note that you don’t have to restart a new game
* Bugs of the silos which does not empty completely
* Added windows in the buildings of the farm 1 (For the bale extension)
* Field 36 bug correction
* Improvement of the unloading zone in the crusher of the BGA
* Added Numbers to the free fields (For course play)
* Added a manure storage zone for the beef

Author: FS15_mapping


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