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Bunker Silo Extension v 2.0


The mod extends the standard silos, whether installed on standard Map to a handful of features.

– The individual “heap” are now compressed separately
– The degree of compaction affects the filling level of (uncompressed material has about three times the volume). You can see and so noted compacting
– The degree of compaction of the current single cluster is also displayed in the Info Box to the total degree of compaction
– Chaff collection with blades / sliding shields is now possible
– Filling the silo with blades / sliding shields is now possible
– Compression speed and maximum bunker Silo Compaction Scale depend on the level of difficulty
– You can cover the silo at any time provided that at least 10% filling ratio (standard condition) or 120000 l Chaff in it
– The opening of the silos after the fermentation is done manually

Authors: upsidedown, Eribus


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  1. forumcinemas

    ai ce tipo ispili tiek viena briekaba ir atsirand tiek siloso

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