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Bourgault IAD 600 v 3.0

Bourgault-IAD-600-v-3.0-1 Bourgault-IAD-600-v-3.0-2

To bring a different color and a different brand into play here the direct seed
Independent Bourgault Air Drill Seeder 600
This is a direct seed for growing large areas with a working width of 20.6 meters
Fields must not be previously grubbed or plowed
Working width 6.20 meters
Capacity 600 bushels / 21600 liters
Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, maize sugarbeet, grass
Only suitable for tractors with minimum 250 hp

Authors: MBJ, Sven777


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  1. Rodrigo Proteus

    Has a bug that leaves not save the game please contact altor to pack

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