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Bolusowo Map v 7.1

  • 2016-07-10 08:35
  • Maps


Version 7.1:
* The Map was slimmed down and optimized (go on slower computers)
* Repaired drying (you have to deliver fuel, grain, wheat, barley and straw bales)
* The mud remains on the field after plowing / cultivation
* Added crops: oats, rye, alfalfa (can not see the HUD but in the order they are placed on list)
* In the chicken coop convert straw to manure

Authors: MafiaSolec, Vnsfdg2


2 Responses to Bolusowo Map v 7.1

  1. igor

    Can someone please but please enlight me. Where is the fck shop in this map???

    I have no issue with map loading but what is the point of this hard work when there is no one shop where I can get tractors.

    Is it so hard to add one single tractor shop?

  2. KmunBiene

    Hello, where can i cut trees?

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