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Black Rock Valley Map v 4.0

  • 2016-04-08 19:28
  • Maps

Black-Rock-Valley-1 Black-Rock-Valley-2 Black-Rock-Valley-3 Black-Rock-Valley-4

The Map has had a full foliage and ground texture rework which has taken what seems ages to do. It now is damage mod ready, the scripts are updated and the economy displays correctly. The new water mod was added along with spray troughs. Chicken zones changed and now has feeding troughs as well. The salad factory was changed over to seeds 2 only and the seed bins heaps changed to seeds2 with a seedmaster added to the site. Damage repair bays were added at each farm and the dealers along with map icons. Also added a milk carton icon for the dairy to the PDA map. Doesn’t sound like much but it looks the best it ever has with all the new texture and foliage work.

Author: Stevie


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