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Bjornholm New Design v 4.0

  • 2014-12-30 16:39
  • Maps

Bjornholm-New-Design-v-4.0-1 Bjornholm-New-Design-v-4.0-2 Bjornholm-New-Design-v-4.0-3

Version 4.0:
– Fixed graphical glitches in trees
– Instaled Fermenting Silos (4 pieces)
– Instaled Seed Stock
– Instaled Chopped Straw
– Instaled Lime slurry manure mod
– New placeable mods on the farm
– Adapted PDA
– Pallette again worked with the sheep
– Silos HOF replaced by Fermenting silos
– Revised BGA
– Tree away on the road
– New place behind the straw sale

Author: MarcoG1983


4 Responses to Bjornholm New Design v 4.0

  1. Adam

    This map is best, but whem i turn off my computer, and then turn it on save is crashing after few seconds…

  2. Sven

    very nice map but i have the problem that i get stuck with my vehicle when i bring back my goods at home.
    For example i want to bring wheat back home drive on the unloading area, unload it and want to drive away…
    But it seems the trailer gets stuck somwhere invisible… when i drive there through all to the right half the trys work fine the other half i get stuck
    try to fix this pls!
    the map is very nice but unplayable with this bug

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