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Bjornholm Map Reworked By BLiNKT & Erik

  • 2016-04-14 19:31
  • Maps


This is reworked Map of Bjornholm we add some new things and futures in Map:

– Added Sawmill
– Added New Vehicle shop
– Added new milk seller building
– Added Hale with crane
– Added new cow shed
– Added mountains behined map for better visual
– Added new train station
– Added Garden center
– Added Spar Shop
– Fixed some bugs, textures
– New water reflection
– Added is secret triggered doors and behined this doors is 6 gold coins find it
– Anyway search all new things and buildings by yourself to see what is new

More our mods you can find it here

Authors: BLiNKT, Erik


One Response to Bjornholm Map Reworked By BLiNKT & Erik

  1. maffo95

    when i’m at the farm i’m lagging really hard and the 2 big shelters doesn’t open

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