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Bjornholm Map Final Edition

  • 2015-01-04 11:56
  • Maps


Final version:
– Now the Fields are optimized ready to wire workers
– Optimized some Textures
– Added a Big Place for Placebles Objects
– New Station for Fuel UPK Trigger Ready
– Added WoolPaletteCollector
– Added More Objects

Authors: Giants, thoralf2002, Peter_P, t2k, lsModding


3 Responses to Bjornholm Map Final Edition

  1. BahamutX

    theres a lighting problem where you buy the tractors at night.

  2. Otterbear

    This map looks great, but the grass won’t cut for some reason. Sometimes it does, sometimes it just quits. Vanilla game, just this map.

  3. dylan

    elle va bien mais le soucie il y a pas le point de vente de paille et herbe comme c’elle d’origine si quelqu’un veut bien rajouter sa serais bien merci?

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