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Bizon Z056 v 1.0


– Fortschritt E512 Cabin
– Real Scale
– Real Speed
– Real Power
– Real Sounds
– Animations Almost everything
– Pipe opened after the exit of the machine
– All Hatch opened on the key approach
– Mobile setting up tents for the forager on the key approach
– The distribution and submission of forage on the key approach
– Insert the Combine on the key (better seen throat)
– Turn and untwisting concave on key
– Header on key
– Manual Raising and lowering hedra
– Cutter speed adjustable on key
– Change distributors canopy on rape and vice versa on the key approach
– Animated all pulleys, walkers, etc.
– Sound dumping grain from the tank
– Sound inserting run
– Mirrors
– Traces of Wheels
– Dust from the Wheels
– Cutter (you can off/on when you are near cutter)

Author: ikas


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  1. Aleksandar L.

    I can’t open a pipe

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