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Bergmoor 2K15 v 1.1

  • 2015-05-03 07:58
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Bergmoor 2K15 v 1.1

– On the map you will find two biogas plants as you open the choice of which want to manage it
– A cattle and arable farm can be stored on your cereal and her turnips, potatoes and chips
– A biomass cogeneration plant
– A country store and a Holzverabeitungs GMBH

Version 1.1:
– Space for the sawmill created
– Silo on the farm now take even grass to
– Potato turnip sale when land purchases and grain Roth
– Created water removal ability
– Fixed Straw Plane in the cowshed
– Fixed Siloplane on the pig
– Collision of delineators away
– Vehicle Sales inserted from dealer
– Cows will no longer hang in the barn and the manure tank
– Straw and hay can now loose in cereals Roth or sold as bales
– Chopped Straw Mod fixed
– Reset point is now on the lawn next to the main courtyard
– Built Watermod
– Milk can now also be removed manually
– Lime can be purchased from the country trade
– PDA is now labeled or fitted with symbols
– All outlets will now appear in the overview
– Pig brought up to date
– Nebenhof removed and relocated to the main courtyard bins installed Viehmarkt

Authors: 714Power, TeamWest, TLStuntman


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