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Bergbjornhof v 1.2

  • 2015-05-23 09:18
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Version 1.2:
– There are now 4 yards (chicken with agriculture, dairy farming with pigs, sheep farming with cattle fattening pig and Cultivation)
– Any court can store grain, has a job board, digital display for cereals
– Wassermod, digital displays, mast installations of Marhu and team have been installed
– To sell Fleischer building inserted by’d like farmer for fattening
– Deko inserted near the forest
– BGA bit redesigned
– Made timber sales trigger larger, so that the drive through the wood is sold
– Postponed cow and sheep pasture
– 2 of the 4 farms were completely reassembled, 2 mountain farms, main courtyard bit reduced
– Added 4 new fields and planted, it was in the beginning already in possession
– Old sheep pasture was now meadow

Authors: Giants, Matze1455, Marhu und Team, blubber73, mariodeck, PowerPeter, borutcebulj, Pandohma, Fendtfan1 (Chris), Vertexdezign Team, Jimkerk, TyphoOn


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