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Benz North West Mecklenburg v 0.9 BETA

  • 2014-10-31 11:26
  • Maps

Benz-North-West-Mecklenburg-v-0.9-BETA-1 Benz-North-West-Mecklenburg-v-0.9-BETA-2 Benz-North-West-Mecklenburg-v-0.9-BETA-3

On the Map you will find:
– Large fields
– An agricultural cooperative with milk production (cows are adapted)
– Grain drying
– Sugarbeet factory
– Pig (without Pig mod, serves as a selling point for beet and wheat)
– Exposed dunghill
– 3D lanes
– Small lakes
– Vast forests
– 3 villages (Benz, Gamehl, Karlsow)
– Refinished field margins
– PDA made
– Modified rape seed texture
– Lively (more vegetation grass, trees, …)
– Colli added at the pig farm in sale trigger
– Biogas plant

Authors: Eckert35, Polska, maurermatze, Eifok, Fatian, Rubiks, Lexion_780, Patti, Buschi, bullgore, diverse polnische Modder


3 Responses to Benz North West Mecklenburg v 0.9 BETA

  1. Tom Pedersen

    Nice Big BETA map with realistic curved fields,but a bit too easy when you own all fields from the beginning,and a little too flat in my opinion.

  2. AgroLietuva

    Nice map,Big countries,Good map 10 or 10 Exelent.

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