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Beekeeping Placeable Pack v 2.0

Beekeeping-1 Beekeeping-2

The Pack consist of:
* Trailer to transport milk, water and honey
* Beekeeping: Deliver Wood Pallets (accepted: pallets from Marhus sawmill, Kevink98 Woodworking Pack or woodchips delivered with a tipper), that beehives are made
* Beekeeper: Deliver the pallet with the beehives to the Beekeeper. Still deliver water and it already produces honey
* Met My Day: In this factory Honey Met will be produced by delivering honey and water. The resulting pallets can be delivered to the diner
* Bee Kuhl Muesli: In this factory cereals were produced. Delivery of honey, milk and cereals (wheat or barley). The resulting pallets can also be delivered to the diner
* Diner: Here can be delivered all manufactured pallets and sell them

Version 2.0:
* Triggers for wheat and woodchips are bigger now
* All Pallets are prepared for UAL (as Wool Pallet)

Authors: Giants, slowtide63, Marhu, Farmer_Andy, Kevink98


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