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Baldeykino v 2.1

  • 2014-12-13 16:55
  • Maps

Baldeykino-v-2.1-1 Baldeykino-v-2.1-2 Baldeykino-v-2.1-3

– Large Map
– Large, not cultivated fields, new textures
– Fields with mud holes
– Standard Fruits and Sunflower
– Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Cattle and Pigs
– Several farms for Soviet Art
– Trench silos
– Manure storage
– Storage for all crops
– Garage with workshop
– Purchase points
– Sawmill with gate
– Different ways full of mud holes
– Transport, Pedestrians, Trains
– Overpasses, Bridges, new items
– Hamlet
– Excellent terrain, beautiful nature
– Transport milk for sale
– There is a pond where you can catch fish

Version 2.1
– Fix resets points
– Sunflower Hall increased so that you can run into with the trailer

Author: ben686


8 Responses to Baldeykino v 2.1

  1. Dawid

    fajna mapka spodobała mi się polece ją napewno koledze

  2. rozinka

    Hello, could anybody help me? Where i can sale bales?

  3. tom

    hi can anyone help me, when it is downloaded it is a rar file, how to i make farming simulator recognize it?

  4. bob

    how is .zip not the standard format? i’ve wasted too much time trying to convert this stupid .rar file into something my computer can process. upload this in .zip, and you have a decent map. this is just a piss off.

  5. victort

    Карта хорошая но разбитая техника меня угнетает. Развивашь ферму – развиваешь а у тебя всеравно разбитая техника стоит на карте. Так что уважаемые строители карт пожалуйста если используете разбитую технику то дайте возможность игрокам либо ее ченить либо ее убирать с карты.

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