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AW Jenkinson Edition Forest Trucks and Trailers Pack

AW-Jenkinson-1 AW-Jenkinson-2

The Pack consist of:

AW Jenkinson Edition Forest Trucks:
* MAN TGA Forest
* MAN TGA 8×6 Jenz
* MAN TGA Transcont
* MAN TGS 8×4
* MAN TGS Wood Forest

AW Jenkinson Edition Forest Trailers:
* Kroeger Agroliner 402
* Kroeger Agroliner SRB35
* Tandem Wood Forest
* TR438 Log Trailer

Authors: Giants, TMP, Hugo94Fr, Serge44, Lindemann, Getsome2030, SpeedySC1978, JohnDeere7830, Stefan Maurus, CebuljCek-modding, Pummelboer, BavariaModding, OEB Modding


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