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Arens Field Map v 5.0 FINAL

  • 2016-10-01 19:39
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Version 5.0 FINAL:
* Clear the first is the small things that are you have noticed been corrected
* The Map is a piece again widely grown and for another five fields that now produce a total of 20
* Added is the vines Pack of Susi
* At the vines Pack of course include the vineyard and the winery. Here you have to pallets, water, red and white grapes and sugar deliver to make the wine from them
* A camp for the grapes and sugar are available in the grounds of the winery
* The mast plants dedicated to feed production of Pelletmaster has been added, which must be filled with bales of hay and molasses, to obtain pellets for feeding of fattening animals.
* A new sugar factory has also been built in Arens field
* Here you can of course sugar beet but also sell the sugar can be further processed into sugar. The molasses for the new pellet Master is available for purchase here
* Water and lime as fertilizer you get on the site of the sugar factory

Authors: Giants, Marhu, Mannie313, Andy1978, Oekobauer, mngrazy, Farmer Andy


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  1. Mustafa Barış Öz

    doors doesnt work

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