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American Outback Map v 1.0

  • 2016-05-14 11:05
  • Maps

American-Outback-1 American-Outback-2 American-Outback-4 American-Outback-3

It’s time for you to take on a new challenge in this very dry region of the old Outback. Do you have the skill to run your farm and supply the local traders.
You will need to keep them well supplied with what they need while you will also be handling some new animals and keep the distillery in stock.
This map is created and based on the Old West back in the day. Although it is still a full working map it is also to show that by trying new challenges with textures and other parts that different type of environments can be created.
This is just a base map for an example and is now working on a full 4 x map that will test any multiplayer teams out there along with the single player.

– Compost Master
– Compost Filling Plant
– Moonshine
– Egg Laying Station
– Greenhouse
– Sawmill and Pallet Maker
– Fill Planes and particle Animations for all
– Water Mod
– Hard Point Extension
– Damage and Repairs Mod
– Soil Management
– Animals: pig, beef, chicken2, goose

Author: Somethingonmyshoe


One Response to American Outback Map v 1.0

  1. Paul

    Couple of issues. Any help would be appreciated. The silo doors on the farm will not activate (open).
    The multi mixer at the cow yard will not expel the mixed ration into the trailer.
    Is there a water point somewhere?

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