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Altkirch Map v 2.0 Multifruit

  • 2016-06-10 09:55
  • Maps

Altkirch-1 Altkirch-2 Altkirch-3 Altkirch-4

– Nice Landscape
– Fruits Varieties: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, spelled, sunflower, rapeseed, corn, carrots, onions, potatoes, sugarbeet, hops
– Fill Types: peat, sand, clay, beer, liquor, bread, chips, beet pulp, compost, seeds2, fish, fish food, smoked fish
– Pallets Types: wool pallets, dumplings pallets, brick pallets, plum, cherry and apple pallets, egg trays, wooden pallets and pallets are provided with washed potatoes
– Animals: at animals cows, sheep and chickens on the main court, cattle, pigs, chickens for fattening geese are installed at the breeding farms
– There are a total of 3 BGA installed
– 21 built-up on the map objects and productions must first be purchased before they are ready
– Installed a Warehouse in which the products of the bakery (bread), the brewery (beer), the distiller (liquor) and the smokehouse (smoked fish) can be stored to await example, a large demand
– The outlets are displayed in the PDA
– South of Carspach is the central power station
– Traffic Lights
– Purchase Fields
– Manure Storage, Manure Storage Piles and Silage Beamer
– Teleport System
– Multifruits
– Brewery, Bakery, Distillery and Smokehouse
– Apple, Plum and Cherry
– Cutting Shelves
– Milk & Eggs
– Clover and Alfalfa
– Sunflower, Carrots and Onions
– Beet Cutter
– Poultry, pork and cattle, flea markets for pigs and cattle and poultry
– Pig Feed
– Sawmills and Forest
– SeedMaster 2k15
– Supply Points
– GMK, Chopped Straw, Multi Sprayer Mod & Green Fertilizer Mod

Version 2.0:
* Fixed Bugs
* Built Refinery Gasoline Production
* Refinery as purchase Object
* Fillable Hof Gas Station the Main Courtyard, Pig Farm, Cattle Hof
* Added Grain Train

Author: GMCW


3 Responses to Altkirch Map v 2.0 Multifruit

  1. rob

    stunning map thank you…… the only problem is i can’t get into the pigs…………

  2. rob

    the goose and fat chicken is the same as above

  3. Neil

    How do you purchase the map objects? Anyone?

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