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Altkirch im Elsass Map v 2.1 Multifruit

  • 2016-07-10 09:07
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– Nice Landscape
– Fruits Varieties: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, spelled, sunflower, rapeseed, corn, carrots, onions, potatoes, sugarbeet, hops
– Fill Types: peat, sand, clay, beer, liquor, bread, chips, beet pulp, compost, seeds2, fish, fish food, smoked fish
– Pallets Types: wool pallets, dumplings pallets, brick pallets, plum, cherry and apple pallets, egg trays, wooden pallets and pallets are provided with washed potatoes
– Animals: at animals cows, sheep and chickens on the main court, cattle, pigs, chickens for fattening geese are installed at the breeding farms
– There are a total of 3 BGA installed
– 21 built-up on the map objects and productions must first be purchased before they are ready
– Installed a Warehouse in which the products of the bakery (bread), the brewery (beer), the distiller (liquor) and the smokehouse (smoked fish) can be stored to await example, a large demand
– The outlets are displayed in the PDA
– South of Carspach is the central power station
– Traffic Lights
– Purchase Fields
– Manure Storage, Manure Storage Piles and Silage Beamer
– Teleport System
– Multifruits
– Brewery, Bakery, Distillery and Smokehouse
– Apple, Plum and Cherry
– Cutting Shelves
– Milk & Eggs
– Clover and Alfalfa
– Sunflower, Carrots and Onions
– Beet Cutter
– Poultry, pork and cattle, flea markets for pigs and cattle and poultry
– Pig Feed
– Sawmills and Forest
– SeedMaster 2k15
– Supply Points
– GMK, Chopped Straw, Multi Sprayer Mod & Green Fertilizer Mod

Version 2.1:
* Particle Systems Potato Washer
* Pallet Storage Brick
* Cargo net dumpling Factory
* Installed inverted
* Supplemented Warehouse for Fish
* Inserted outlets for Fish

Author: GMCW


2 Responses to Altkirch im Elsass Map v 2.1 Multifruit

  1. UnableRogue

    Gate animation does not work at the bakery. There may be other gates not working but that’s the first one I’ve found.

  2. UnableRogue

    There is no place to purchase the bakery, brewery … etc Until you purchase them they cannot be used.

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