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Ahwi FM700H v 2.0

Ahwi-FM700H-1 Ahwi-FM700H-2

Now it grinds like AHWI FM 700 V2 also harvested wood, whole trees, tree stumps, branches

Author: Patar


5 Responses to Ahwi FM700H v 2.0

  1. DTK_Beasty_L

    Mod doesn’t work. When you try to use it on trees it doesn’t stop showing auger animation and it doesn’t actually fill anything. When I try to sell the mod it stays and breaks the game completely. Good concept but needs work! 🙂

  2. goransmy

    Mod works perfectly.Grinding everything and filling trailer just fine.Good work!

  3. CaptainDuckman

    Mod works, but if you try to sell the equipment back to the shop FS15 hangs.

  4. cess

    mod works but when you try to sell the equipment, the game hangs.
    and for 15mins or more ( not sure with the time) , the mod is duplicated.. but only 1 is working and can be attached…

  5. davegdm

    I converted it for me cani upload it to fs 17 lt

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