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Advanced Fill Auto Aim Target Node v 1.3


With this script, the FillAutoAimTargetNode shifts depending on the level to a more “realistic” to produce filling.

To explain the values:
– DistanceFront Means as far to the front of the trailer is loaded.
– DistanceBack Means how much the trailer is loaded at the back.
– DistanceSide Means how far the left and right trailer is loaded.
– Heightfix Moves the node up or down. Only necessary if the trailer makes trouble loaded. (Board wall is in the way)
– ShowNode Shows in the game in which each trailer with a point on the node.

The starting point is the original position of the FillAutoAimTargetNode (usually the middle of the trailer)

Version 1.3:
– Cargo loading wagons by Beast Pack compatible
– Various improvements made to the code
– Loaded Finer
– New option “ShowNode” shall be inserted

Authors: mjk, Jacob Tischler


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