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Add Fill Types v 1.0


This script adds all trailers and blades that can chaff, load mixed feed, silage and wood chips added. If even one of the three crops to be installed, it is of course not new. This must be inserted into the modfolder zip.
The Particle systeme be adjusted. If the trailer have entered a Particle system for silage, this is also used for the compound feed. If this is not the case, the chaff Particle system is used for both. If this is available, of course. If the trailers do not have Particle system for wood chips, the chaff Particle system is used.
Can also load the blades chaff was intended.
The whole thing is quite useful for food storage. Especially since you can also load mixed feed by shovel now. The loading wagon can now load compound feed and silage thereby. In the originals but then you have the unloading particle system of chaff.

Author: Ifko[nator]


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