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Ackendorf v 1.3

  • 2015-12-19 12:38
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Version 1.3:
* Fixed Various Trees
* Fruit pallets Plane fixed Cherry
* Fruit pallets Plane fixed plum
* Added New HMilk Pallete
* Additional Services added production chain for cardboard
* Additional Services added production chain for empty pallets
* Additional Services added production chain for HMilk
* Added Additional Services HMilk Palletts
* Required field 41 Dimensions adapted again
* Additional signs
* Adjusted allocation of water tanks at the fruit farm
* Adjusted sawmill wood chips bunkers
* Sawmill Bunker ramp added
* Start adjusted capital
* Adjusted productions
* Adjusted pallet volume
* Adjusted Klee Luzerne chopper income
* Mast system: Conveyor belts away
* Adjusted maintenance costs of the court 2
* Self produced compost and liquid fertilizer can now be brought into the fields to fertilize
* Scales disabled because some issues with game crashes have

Author: Chefkoch_LS2011


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