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1996 Ford F350 v 1.3

  • 2018-03-21 12:04
  • Cars

Lifted Ford 1996 F350. Sketchup model put into the game. There is no interior or lights. Its not perfect at all.

Wolf modding


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  1. Genericcialisonline

    I used to love my ford.. Till It had to have 7 trips to the deal in three months for the same fault because ford wouldn”t authorise the fix . And still isn”t fixed, and to be lied to about the work that “had been done, and the dealer released a dangerous car to my husband, logged with ford UK how don”t seem to give two hoots about the two months of inconvenience to us, the fact that my husband could of been killed, that their dealerships are lying about replacing major parts on cars and the tanks of fuel they used “testing our car while using it for three days as a delivery van. After owning 4 fords don”t think I will be bothering with another, as all we get off ford uk is your complaint will be looked at. Yeah right

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