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Dodge Ram Service Car

  • 2014-11-02 16:35
  • Cars

Dodge-Ram-Service-Car-1 Dodge-Ram-Service-Car-2

– Renamed to Dodge Ram because it isn’t a Ford (also removed the Ford logos on the truck).
– Added services to the truck including fertilizer and seed fillers

Authors: GIANTS, Andy1978, ArpyClarkson


6 Responses to Dodge Ram Service Car

  1. Jeff

    thanks hahaha always bugged me with that Fix or repair Daily on it, looks sweet and the services work great

    • Dae

      How did you get it to work, I placed the .zip in the folder and it appears under the mods section in the options but I cannot see it anywhere in my game, am I forgetting something?

  2. ArpyClarkson

    It should be listed under \cars\ in the \mods\ category of the shop.

  3. Amineh

    Hi, it doesn’t seem to work for me. I bought it under the mods section, I can drive it and all, but It’s not different than regular car in usage. I mean, it looks different but that’s it. I can’t use the fertilizer or seeds. Help please?

  4. TheScreamingMelon

    Here’s a short video showing all the trucks features and a short review:

  5. edvinas

    labai geras moda daugiau tukiu + tiklapis irgi nuostabus

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