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Westbridge New Design v 4.0

  • 2014-12-30 16:12
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Westbridge-New-Design-v-4.0-1 Westbridge-New-Design-v-4.0-2 Westbridge-New-Design-v-4.0-3

Version 4.0:
– Installed Chopped Straw
– Instaled Lime slurry manure mod
– Instaled Seed Master
– Instaled Seed Stock
– Instaled Lime Silo on the farm
– From the sea was a large lake
– Fermenting silos built at the mixing station
– New large fields (where the grass was before)
– New placeable mods on the farm
– Adapted PDA
– 2 new forest areas with over 1000 precipitable trees and tramlines
– Rebuilt Butcher
– Silos HOF replaced by Fermenting silos
– Performance improvement

Author: MarcoG1983


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